Time for Some Spring Cleaning … BalanceDiet style

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weight loss franchise
weight loss franchise

weight loss franchise

Working with our marketing teams is one of my favorite activities, its a place where true creativity can happen.  elements brands includes the central team who direct all of our lifestyle brands: elements fitness, the BalanceDiet Company, slimberry, thinspa, elements TV, 1800 WEIGHT LOSS, and e’co natural products.

As the number of elements stores, BalanceDiet locations, and overall worldwide partners grow, we have the luxury of becoming more creative with our seasonal consumer campaigns, and weaving them into different aspects of the brand, extending the reach and interplay (and success). Our top focus for campaigns typically is success at the local store level, typically a double strategy is used to achieve this (national broad cased + psycho-targeted local). Without revealing any trade secrets, certain metrics are used which will help to develop a certain broad lifestyle audience for a campaign, and then over time direct these leads to a local store.

Our campaigns are developed on an annual calendar, which is released to all stores in January for the following (spring to New Years annual year).  elements clubs and locations typically will customize their marketing offering and receive assets 30 days prior to a campaign launch, with team training happening the week prior (which usually coincides with the “closeout” of the current seasonal campaign.

For Spring 2015, the BalanceDiet brand implemented its 40 days of Spring Cleaning national push, which is both an in-store + interactive social media campaign.  Each BalanceDiet location received a seasonal retailing kit, which consists of oversized Point of Sale displays, banners, pop-up, or other tools which can be customized by the location. Each location will develop with their Regional Coach a marketing strategy, consisting of targeted direct mail, special events, and a referral drive. This local and regional marketing will be heavily supported by the brand “40 days of Spring Cleaning” social campaigns, which offer a daily tip, article, or suggestion on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle and thinner waist.  Offering tips and education to consumers helps to build credibility and trust with clients, and gives them a sample (a taste, haha) of what a program, or “life at BalanceDiet” might be like.   This has proven to be a great strategy, and helps to offer a real value for our audience.  “Shares” on social media are quite high for BalanceDiet, which is a good indication of the usefulness of our branded posts.

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