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It has been a great pleasure to build this family of elements healthy lifestyle brands over the past 10 years.  Almost from the beginning, we have been chronicling the growth and the “behind the scenes” of the company and showing many of the departments, players, and processes which must come together with some precision to create and grow international lifestyle brands.

Looking back, its incredible to see what began as just an idea on a piece of white paper has grown to become a popular fitness franchise, international nutrition and weight loss brand, media brands, and product lines. Most importantly, it has gone on to touch lives and influence trends across the US and increasingly internationally as well.

For me, as a founder, it is always very rewarding to meet and interact with people, to build, inspire, and also to share knowledge and advice. I am a big believer in giving back, and have had much of my business success because of the mentors and leaders who invested their time to teach and mentor me.

I have been keeping this blog since 2009 as a sneak peek into my thoughts and our planning, with the hope that it will inspire someone else to achieve their dreams, or to take the leap of faith to do what they may have thought impossible.

I also keep a “visual blog” in Instagram, at the same handle: health_ceo

On Instagram I share behind the scenes stories, as well as health and fitness tips from our experts and product previews, or reviews of things which I find interesting or useful to others.

Please feel free to follow and interact with me on social media, I look forward to seeing you there!

Instagram:  health_ceo




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