balanced diet sponsored athletes and celebrity endorsements

BalanceDiet Sponsored Athletes and Celebrity Promotions

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balanced diet sponsored athletes and celebrity endorsementsIt was alot of fun to collaborate with our online media team this month on the launch of the sponsored athlete / celebrity promotion program for BalanceDiet products and elements fitness retail items.  Having grown up in New York City, and lived in Los Angeles (and now Miami Beach), I am no stranger to famous athletes and celebrities, and I understand very clearly the power of celebrity and how it can impact a brand.

The idea behind the Sponsored Athlete program is quite simple, to identify the best candidates for the brand, who meet some criterion which is important for our marketing team, as well as our brand team.  Each brand will have a slightly different threshold on this, for ours we are seeking mainstream (not hardcore) athletes and known celebrities with growing followings and a clear healthy lifestyle as part of their “brand.”

The program is designed for athletes or celebrities who will be competing/participating in well promoted events, and who are interested in sharing their journey via social media channels.  To streamline the program, we have setup where interested candidates can apply anytime online, and applications are be reviewed bi-weekly by a judging panel.

An affiliation with BalanceDiet and elements brands can be very useful for the celebrity or athlete as well, for several reasons, not only will they get complimentary or deeply discounted products to use (this is very standard), they will also get customized advice from a BalanceDiet lifestyle coach or product expert, to help fine-tune their nutrition or diet program pre-event for maximized results.  After all, great results (and great looks) for our sponsored athletes and celebrities (and clients too!) is the reason why we are in business.  The program is much more of a success when our Sponsored Athletes receive the extra tools and skills to win, which they may not have received on their own.


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To apply to become a celebrity promoter or sponsored athlete, please click here

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