BalanceDiet & elements Expansion: California Dreamin’ (part 2)

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balancediet san diego weight loss spa

balancediet san diego weight loss spa I am a big fan of California for many reasons …. California is one of the largest economies in the US, and a terrific marketplace for elements brands. There are not too many places such as California, where it seems like almost everyone has a focus on health and wellness, and is seeking the best and most innovative ways to stay healthy and young. We were very excited to launch BalanceDiet Los Angeles earlier this year, and now to announce an expansion of BalanceDiet in Southern California, with a multi-unit expansion in San Diego.

BalanceDiet is a natural fit for the West Coast, by nature we are more modern and more progressive than the established US weight loss franchises such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I can’t really even imagine anymore customers having any difficulty deciding between a “Quick Weight Loss” or “MediFast Weight Loss” style establishment and BalanceDiet. The other brands just seem so outdated to me, they haven’t changed a whole lot since the 90’s  (actually since the 80’s. actually….). In contrast, since we acquired Results Weight Loss and rebranded to BalanceDiet in 2008, we have been constantly innovating – how can you not?  In the food / nutrition / weight loss / wellness space there are so many great new innovations, ingredients, techniques, and technologies – how can you not optimize and improve your programs to offer the best to clients?

One of our most significant scientific improvements was the addition of our BalanceDiet proprietary genetic test for weight loss in 2010. This test, developed in partnership with one of the top genetic companies in the world, broker the barrier  on price and also ease of use for genetic testing. The test can be administered by the client (its just a cotton swab of your cheek) and mailed in a confidential numbered envelope to our partner genetic lab in Boston.  Within days, the client receives their results (and has likely opted electronically to share their results with their balancediet coach) – each person falls into one of three categories based on their DNA and genetics:  carb trimmer, fat trimmer, or “better balancer.”  This is simply how your body metabolizes calories, and sets the proper roadmap for food for that client, based on their genetics.  Our system will automatically update a clients meal plan (and online food journal) to highlight the appropriate food selections and  even supplement recommendations.  What is impressive to me about the Genetic Test for Weight Loss is the long term results, which were validated for us with a Stamford University research project, showing that clients who followed their recommended genetic path of eating loss an average of 2.5x more weight vs the control group, and kept the weight off long term.  It makes total sense, once you can know how your body metabolizes what nutrients or food group, you know which you need to eat for fuel. Focusing on eating the type of calories which your body needs (and eating less of the others) will put you on a long term success path.
For this and many other reasons, BalanceDiet really stands apart from other weight loss brands. When we add on our fresh and natural food choices, clinical grade supplements and multi-vitamins, expert coaching, and totally customizable lifestyle plans (such as our very popular 30 Day Detox Diet, spa diet, and 45 day superfoods plan), you start to see why we are so excited to be doing business in California.
In a market where there are so many healthy options, and some of the best in the world, we are very confident that BalanceDiet will stand out and quickly become a leader in Southern California.

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