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elements fitness franchise welcomeHow can leaders become better listeners? 

This is a question I frequently ask among our elements fitness executive team, and when I meet with other leaders at industry meetings and franchise workshops.  I believe that intentional listening is a critical part of great organizational leadership, and has been a “secret” behind elements brands success over the years.

“Intentional listening” will help to build relationships, help to earn and foster trust, and sends a clear signal of a genuine care for people.  In general, people will feel a tremendous sense of worth (and value) when it is clear that leadership is truly listening to them.  For this reason, the impact of listening to employees and guests can be powerful.

In the case of elements brands, I believe in active and passive listening. Active listening, as mentioned above, has significant effects on organizational quality and guest satisfaction. Passive listening, which can be defined through arrangements such as service and satisfaction guarantees, will help to alert leadership if there is a fault with a product or service area.  We have always offered both types of guarantees with our products, a service guarantee on membership and service plans, as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee on retail and products, such as branded elements fitness or BalanceDiet supplements.  We have found that the guarantees speak volumes about the quality we are offering, and helps to give customers more confidence when making upfront purchases.  In the history of the company, it has been rare that we have been asked for a refund, but in that case we see it as a good thing, as its an opportunity to learn more about the product and client relationship. Any opportunity to improve is never a bad thing.

The guarantee also helps to define elements position in a marketplace vs competitors. For example, a very typical elements fitness presentation on social media might look like this:

Does your health club have a 100% satisfaction guarantee?  elements® does.

We strive to be the best fitness and lifestyle brand, and we hope that you agree.  For that reason, all of our clubs offer a 14 Day Service Guarantee to backup your decision to become an elements® member!

This is a very clear statement that elements® stands behind its product, and that we have all intentions of offering a high quality experience. It immediately gives confidence, and separates the brand from the price competitors. It also tells the client that they will have an opportunity to offer feedback, which will be listened to.  Listening has always workd very well for us. 

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