30 day detox diet, spa diet, superfoods plan

A fresh new approach to food at BalanceDiet

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30 day detox diet, spa diet, superfoods plan

30 day detox diet, spa diet, superfoods plan

I have always considered myself a healthy person. From an early age my parents promoted exercise, sports, and eating well with my brother and I.  My grandfather was the first vegetarian I knew (after 30 years as a butcher!) My mother had an extensive background as an educator in organic chemistry and biology, as well as being a semi-professional chef,  so I have always been lucky to be around educated food people. I like to think that this shaped many of my decision around health and eating as I grew up, and set the tone for a long and healthy life.

I have seen firsthand, and truly believe that food is our fuel.  When you put food into your body, you are either helping to build and strengthen, or weaken your body – its a powerful thought, and as I get older (and as we get more involved in all areas of food and nutrition as a company), I feel compelled to share this knowledge whenever possible, helping friends, relatives and even team members learn more about food and eating.

While this was happening (and lets call it a more advanced style of food:  organics, raw eating, superfoods, natural whole foods, etc..) I noticed that many weight loss programs (including ours), was still “stuck” in the popular style of the 90’s … sugar free, fat free, “diet” foods t lose weight and keep it off.  Although chemically these products worked, they are in face processed chemicals and perhaps not the healthiest choices for someone looking to transform themsleves.  After all, isnt enrolling into a weight loss center about more than just simply losing pounds?  We think we, we believe it should be a total transformation or inspiration of that client, a new approach to body and also health.

It is extremely common at BalanceDiet, or any weight loss system, that many overweight clients will come in with ailments and conditions, which are both a result of their weight, but also their current food choices.  Isnt the better approach for a program to get that client “well?”   Of course they will lose weight, but cant we also help them to detoxify and renew, experience a level of health that they may have only dreamed before.  Our Board made the decision in November of last year that this was not only a smart business direction, but more importantly it was the right thing to do for BalanceDiet as a brand. With the other major US weight loss chains stuck in their original food plans (many times for a business reason which is not simple to overcome), the move will continue to position BalanceDiet as a contemporary and fresh approach to weight loss, with a classical 25+ year history in the space.

In December, we selected a team of nutritionists, food scientists and weight loss experts to help “re-imagine” the base weight loss plans, keeping all of the original architecture of balanced diet.  I am really proud and excited that we have made the investment into these new food programs.  On a personal level, I am very happy that BalanceDiet can be a leader in natural and whole foods eating, while still delivering exceptional results to our clients.

The new plans and food selections will be available to consumers beginning on May 1, 2015 at BalanceDiet Centers and online via BalanceDiet at Home.


Read the news release here:

NEW YORK, NY – The BalanceDiet Company has announced major enhancements and upgrades to its base food plans, the largest such change in 7 years. A selected team of expert food scientists and nutritionists have been reinventing some of the brand’s “classic” weight loss and foundational plans, replacing  (read more)


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