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2013 outlook

2013 continues the expansion of the elements®fitness and BalanceDiet™ brands with several exciting initiatives, including new US and international locations, as well as the launch of the BalanceDiet at Home (home based) business opportunity.

New units growth (US) will be strategically focused primarily on the east coast, with concentrations in Florida, New England, and Michigan.   Dubai and Saudi Arabia welcome the elements® family of brands with new locations, and focus is being given to lay groundwork for 2014 (and beyond) growth in India and Latin America.  New key additions to the corporate team ensure expert guidance and support for franchisees.  The vendor network has been streamlined to run through one single authorized VAR (value-added reseller) “GROW Group,” who will handle all FF&E, design, and financing for rollout and launch.

2013 also begins the transition of elements™ to a direct to consumer retailer.  The strategy will be to leverage the bricks and mortar system already under development, with a well-crafted online strategy to merge prospect capturing with online shopping for the benefit of clients and franchisees. A well-crafted points-based rewards program, “Perkville” will also be implemented as a client retention and customer engagement strategy.

New software tools implemented in all physical locations capture not only member’s information, but also the contact information for all prospects as well, in a segmented database. Prospects and members are also encouraged to invite their “network” (via facebook, twitter, and email contacts) to learn more about elements, BalanceDiet™, or a product, in exchange for a special promotion or incentive. These tools will allow dynamic growth to the companies database, allowing us to leverage and interact with these prospects directly.

The online marketplace will be built in phases (“World of elements”), and will include separate stores for elements fitness and the BalanceDiet™ Company, as well as a slimberry® shop with subscription-based membership options as well as product and bundle options, recommended picks, and live “expert advice” from shopping assistants, making for a highly interactive and customized experience.

An outside digital strategy team will be enlisted to implement the new website designs, as well as SEO optimization on an ongoing basis. The outside team will also implement unique elements content, as well as update relevant fitness, nutrition and vitality information as a way to engage our database and consumers.

A third party distribution house (D&M) with 15+ years in e-commerce and fulfillment will be employed to handle all order fulfillment, and customer service (including returns), according to the strict brand guidelines we will set in place.

Direct to consumer sales results in over 68% of the diet and fitness industry, and one of the fastest-growing segments.

Leveraging the immediate appeal of our brands (elements fitness, elements for women, BalanceDiet, BalanceD, slimberry®, thinspa, e’co natural products™) will help to strengthen the credibility and the value of each of the elements marks.  It will also enhance the relationship with franchisees (and value offered) as well as consumer, as they will benefit from the geography-based lead capturing system and the ongoing investment in digital media.

As the direct consumer portals grow, videos and other media channels will be enlisted to further strengthen the brands, and our relationship with our consumers.

Several reoccurring revenue strategies will also be implemented, for example with supplements, where consumers will have the option to subscribe monthly and receive automatically shipments at a substantial discount.  The strategy has proven to be exceptionally effective with beauty and wellness products.

For more information on elements or information on Business Opportunities, please email (info@elementsforwomen.com) or call 305-535-1525

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  • Lucille Williams

    August 12, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Great… looks so exciting. I love how visible everything is, I really get the vision and can see how elements is really positioning to grow. I have been wanting to get into the fitness industry and this really is motivating me!

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